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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone!!


Our First Semester ends on Jan.  5, 2018.    And our Second Semester begins immediately after that on Monday, January 8, 2018.
We have room for your child in our Classes.  Please go to page 3 to download the Yearly Schedule PDF, and to see class times and the tuition chart.

 A.  Call this phone number if you need more information: 864-268-7740.  Your registration can be processed over the phone.
B.  Or Email us at for more information.
C.  Or visit the gym to talk face to face with one of the teachers, and let your child see what a real gymnastics school looks like. 



•Our facility is located on Edwards St. in Taylors, near the Taylors First Baptist Church  (See map below)
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PENultimate Gymnastics
100B Edwards St., Taylors

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When you think of gymnastics you probably think of what you see in the Olympics. But that is only one small part of gymnastics. Yes, there is the competitive sport called Artistic Gymnastics, but there is also the activity called General Gymnastics. In both the emphasis is on enjoyment and fun, but there are also some differences:

General Gymnastics

  • emphasis on the development of attributes of physical fitness - coordination, strength, balance, endurance and flexibility.
  • emphasis also on creativity and exploring the infinite ways the body can move - by itself, using the gymnastics apparatus or hand-held apparatus, such as hoops, balls and ribbons.
  • gymnasts often learn individual or group routines, may sometimes perform exhibitions for the parents
  • General Gymnastics is the basis of all movement.

After several years of General Gymnastics training, many of our students go into competitive sports such as soccer, basketball, wrestling or Artistic Gymnastics. People are surprised how strong & coordinated they are. Parents constantly tell us of how their children score highest in their class or even school in the President's Physical Fitness Tests, etc.

Competitive Artistic Gymnastics

  • emphasis is on developing physical fitness - coordination, strength, balance, endurance and flexibility specific to competitive gymnastics.
  • emphasis on mental and emotional development that will help children learn to be self-directed and self-motivated in work-outs; to learn self-control, to learn to set and achieve goals, to help them learn that hard work pays off, to learn to overcome fears, to learn to perform before an audience, to learn to think creatively within the scope of competitive gymnastics, to learn to take constructive criticism and to learn sportsmanship - both through winning and through losing.
  • the exercises, drills and skills are largely specific to the required skills for the sport, although these gymnasts also often engage in General Gymnastics activities such as exhibitions and learn skills simply for the sheer joy of movement.

At Piedmont Gymnastics you'll find:

  • Safety-certified, adult instructors
  • State of the Art Facilities
  • Small, personalized classes - no waiting in line!
  • Fun and achievement for everyone

ESPN News rated recreational gymnastics the BEST activity for children’s fitness in the US. Bruce Jenner & Arnold Schwartzenegger both recommend gymnastics over other sports for helping young children develop coordination and strength. Do not mistake a game or play for a planned, educational experience. No matter what activity you choose for your child, ask the director what their professional preparation has been. You will then see the difference between other types of programs and gymnastics.

If after reading this information you are not sure which program you think your child would be interested in, please talk to our office manager or to one of our teachers.



CALL 268-3790 or 268-7740 NOW for more information, or e-mail us at

PENultimate Gymnastics

100-B Edwards St.

Taylors, SC  29687

Phone: 864-268-3790 (gym)

Phone: 864-268-7740 (office)