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Gymnastics Apparel


Just as in other sports, like karate, soccer, ballet, or baseball, the apparel for gymnastics is specialized and specific.  

Our dress code is tied into the official uniform and based on the color of the stage.  It will be obvious at a glance what Stage a gymnast is in.  It will help guarantee that the parents or grandparents don't waste their money buying clothing, which is not appropriate, and then having to be told that their child or grandchild may not wear the item in gymnastics class.

The official uniform is a T-shirt and gym shorts for boys, and a gymnastics leotard for girls. In addition:
A.  BOYS: The T-shirt must be kept tucked in.  
B.  GIRLS: In addition to the leotard, TIGHT gymnastics shorts may be worn OVER the leotard during colder weather.  But the teacher may ask the gymnasts to remove the shorts before going on the equipment.  These shorts will be available at the gym, as well as matching hair schrunchies.
1.  The hair must be tied back or clipped back so that it does not fall in the face or eyes.   Hairbands are available in our office for 25¢ each.
2.  Special gymnastics shoes are not necessary, but are optional. Socks if worn, must be cotton.
3. Please leave jewelry at home (watches, earrings, rings, necklaces, etc). These can be dangerous.  We can not be responsible for holding jewelry or for lost jewelry.
Children who are not properly attired can not be allowed to participate.

The cost of the Black Stage uniform is included in the registration fee. 
The gymnasts are sized for their uniform at registration, and receive their unform for the first class.The other uniform will incur a small additional fee:
Red & Blue Stage leotards- $7.50*  (PS- the blue stage leotard is the national team leotard for North Korea with a different neckline, and was worn in the Olympics by the Korean gymnast Hong ma Jong, who won the bronze Medal on Women's Vaulting.  Cool, huh?)
Silver & Gold Stage leotard - $22.00*
Boy's uniforms (red and up) - $7.50*
*These are the special prices for the uniform your child will receive upon registering for classes.  Additional leotards purchased during the year will have a different price



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