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Preschool Gymnastics


The emphasis in Preschool classes is on not only physical development, but also the fostering of social skills, language development, rhythm, and developing self-confidence. We accomplish all these through the delightful medium of GYMNASTICS, directed by a teacher in an atmosphere of "fun". And we keep our student:equipment ratio and student:teacher ratio low so your child gets lots of attention and little waiting in line!

Preschool classes are divided into developmental stages. Each class is designed for the developmental level of the child.

Tumble Cubs-2-3 yr olds - "A Partent/Tot Class"

Super Cubs-4 & 5 yr. Kindergarten - children come without Parent. (Exceptions can be made in the case of certain situations.)

General Gymnastics


Mat Cats - 1st-2nd grade

Leapin' Lions/Super Cougars - 3rd grade & up

Gymnastics Skill Progression
In General Gymnastics classes we use the Gymnastrada Achievement Program in which the skills on Vaulting, Bars, Trampoline, Balance Beam and Tumbling are divided into 6 Levels. Using this program in classes helps insure that skills are learned successfully and safely, and that all the prerequisite skills are learned before a gymnast moves to the next level.
Our student:equipment ratio is the lowest in the area; our student:teacher ratio in these classes is low so your child gets lots of attention, and little waiting in line!

Competitive Gymnastics


Competitive Gymnastics
We have a competitive training program for girls, who are interested in competition. Team gymnasts compete under the rules of the AAU and the USGF Junior Olympic Age-Group Programs.
They participate in a number of meets each year on the local through State level.
See our Team Brochure for further information about requirements for joining the competitive program.

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